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Check out ePetHealth, our new client communication portal.

Do you often find yourself forgetting to give your pet their monthly heartworm or flea and tick preventative? ePetHealth can email and/or text you a monthly reminder.

Does your groomer or boarding facility need to know your pets vaccine status? With ePetHealth, you can print out your pets ID card as a quick reference for their vaccine status.

Do you need an appointment or a refill of your pets medication? You can request one through ePetHealth.

Have you ever had to visit a veterinary emergency hospital and you couldn't remember which medicines your pet was taking? With ePetHealth, all the medicines that your pet is taking is available 24/7.

Not only can you keep track of your pets medical records, ePetHealth also contains lots of free information and videos to help keep your pets healthy.

Joining ePetHealth is easy and free. Sign up today by clicking on the ePetHealth link on our homepage, or going directly to If you have any questions about ePetHealth, please ask us.